Kanazawa City, pt 2

In case you missed the first Kanazawa post; here it is.

After a night of partying in Kanazawa, I woke up “a bit” later on the second day than I had on the first. The rain had almost stopped so I figured it was time to get out for my second run:  I was out for the “castle” run at 9:43.

Map of the castle run

The “Kanazawa Castle Run”

I headed for Kanazawa Castel in Kanazawa Park. I had no idea where I was going but found a nice path around the park and big open areas inside. It was quiet and very easy to get around. That’s probably because it was a Friday morning, but I still expected more people since it was a long weekend. I guess the gray weather was enough to convince many people to just stay in on their day off.  I wonder how busy it gets on weekends though…

In the park

Castle Gates

The park and castle are beautiful. It’s big, but maybe not big enough for a “long” run unless you’re willing to do loops around the park. Since I was mostly exploring and running without a specific itinerary, I ended up at the same places a few times.

Pathway around the park

Pathway aroundI finished by running back into the city. It started to hail. Some covered sidewalks are nice during bad weather but, inevitably, you need to run around people. Also not great for GPS tracking, but my phone seemed to have done ok.

After my run, I took it easy and started to plan the rest of my trip. In the evening, I had the chance to go to a few bars and hangout with Shaq, some of his friends, and a few other hostel guests. As I said already, the Shaq Bighouse is a pretty awesome hostel if you’re into that kind of accommodation.  The owner (that’s Shaq) studied and lived in the US for many years. He has great English, runs a great establishment, and knows how to party.

Kanazawa will be hosting it’s first official marathon in 2015. (Their website is pretty nice actually). I’m planning on running my first full marathon this October in Niigata. If I don’t die, I’m seriously considering going back to Kanazawa for their marathon next year.  I’m guessing this new event is somehow linked with the new shinkansen (bullet train) line coming also in 2015. This should give a great boost to this already thriving city. The young people  of Kanazawa are actually starting to say “Shiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn Kansen!” when they drink instead of the traditional “kampai”.  Shaq told me that some foreigners visiting the city started the trend a while back, and he’s definitely trying his best to make sure it catches on…

In retrospects, I really enjoyed Kanazawa and would definitely recommend to visit. The river offers a more than decent running route and there are great things to see in the city. I just wish the weather would have been a bit better while I was there. So long. I’ll come back for the marathon!

Next stop: Kyoto!



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